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Two good friends, who were also professional athletes, discovered CBD and its many possible benefits to health and well-being. They decided to form PureSport CBD to produce a high quality CBD for athletes and non-sporting people to consume safely.

Based in the United Kingdom, they learned of a new health product being used in the United States. This revolutionary supplement had taken professional sport over there by storm. The continuous aches and pains from old injuries had left the two feeling frustrated. For many years they had played sports professionally. Given the high contact, physical nature of their sport, it was beginning to take its toll on their bodies. They were finding it difficult to train and then be fit enough to play every week without taking anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. Both felt that this was detrimental to their health and overall well-being.

In the US, NFL players and MMA fighters were speaking openly about the incredible results they had achieved from taking CBD. Over in the UK, the two friends were very excited to find out about CBD. Something that could have such a positive and profound short-term effect on the issues they and other athletes faced needed further investigation.

Eventually CBD (cannabidiol) was taken off the banned substance list and cleared by UK Anti-Doping. At that point, the two players were able to try CBD for themselves. They were amazed by the results and found that just a few drops quickly had a positive beneficial effect.
This led them to look further into the availability of CBD. They found that over-the-counter brands carried risks, as many contained small traces of THC, which is a substance banned in sport.

For their own satisfaction, they decided to undertake a worldwide search. They needed a CBD blend that was both safe to use and could be taken by professional athletes and non-sporting people alike. Unfortunately, they were unable to find what they were looking for.
As a result, with help from leading experts, a bespoke CBD product was created. This proved to be a game changer. These two players took the opportunity to produce a supplement that was safe for them to take and could be offered to other athletes.
The CBD created by them is thoroughly tested, using the most advanced cannabinoid testing kit in the world. Two third-party companies are involved, with each batch produced tested separately to guarantee that it contains 0% THC. In fact, all the CBD products have non-detectable levels of THC. Only the highest quality blend is used to give the most effective results possible.

Of course, all of this didn’t happen overnight! Much time and effort was invested, but we at PureSport CBD can now share the results of our hard work. Word of PureSport CBD is spreading quickly amongst athletes. Many of them are joining us, as well as those who don’t play sports themselves. What they have in common is the desire to look after their bodies naturally and reap the amazing rewards from PureSport CBD.

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