Chelsea Hart

Professional Model

“I use Puresport CBD everyday and have seen changes in my body ever since using it. I used to struggle so badly with pain, anxiety and inflammation and I can definitely feel a huge difference in my body. I love that they batch test their oil so I know it’s pure and high quality every time.” – Chelsea Hart


Chelsea Hart is a proud South African model, currently freezing her butt off in London with her Husband and chubby French Bulldog.

Chelsea is a full-time model, travelling the world every week and has a tremendously silly obsession with beauty products. With that being said, she will give you all some of the most honest feedback on products.

She has a passion for beauty and health and everything Chelsea has recently tried out, she will show you a few tricks & looks that she has learnt through the years of being a human coat hanger. She also has a great range of vegetarian recipes she loves to share as well.

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