Paralympic Athlete Embraces CBD

Paralympic Athlete speaks out about the benefits of CBD and how it has improved her wellbeing

U.S. Paralympic Athlete Samantha Tucker supports the use of CBD


Samantha Tucker, a US Paralympic Athlete is now a advocate for CBD and is supporting US businesses in raising the awareness of the benefits of CBD for all.

Samantha Tucker, a US Air Force Veteran began her sporting career in 2015 for the US shooting team and competed in 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

As a Paralympic athlete Samantha explained why CBD is so important to her performance by saying;

“As an amputee and an archer, basically a one-handed individual, I put a lot of strain on my shoulders, arm and hand. Many pharmaceutical prescriptions just knock me out or decrease my cognitive function but CBD is a natural way for me to achieve high performance and attain the recovery time I need. ‘’

Not only has CBD helped Samantha professionally, but also now she is able to maximise her lifestyle choices and went on to say

‘’I just signed up for the San Diego Triathlon in October and I wanted to try CBD products to help me focus and maximize my performance.”

It’s important to understand the benefits of CBD, but also the opportunity it can provide to any person to improve their performance, regardless of condition or circumstance. This was summed up beautifully by Samantha when she said;

“When you’re in pain, you’re never able to perform at your peak ability and you’re always living ‘less than’,” continued Tucker. “I only have one life and it’s not going to be ‘less than’ life.”

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