A Benefit to Boxers Globally

CBD has a long history of improving recovery and now the boxing profession looks to adopt a fresh mind set to these benefits

CBD has been used for thousands of years. Hemp has been grown and eaten for food and medicine since the late stone age, across Europe and Asia from the Netherlands to eastern China, and from Siberia down to the Indian subcontinent.

CBD in the Boxing World

Both amateur and professional boxers are turning to CBD as a means of improving their recovery regimes. As a highly competitive and demands sport, the key to success is the ability to recover as quickly as possible in order to move forward.

CBD is a powerful molecule that is produced by hemp or cannabis plants. It stands for cannabidiol, and is one of a whole suite of ‘cannabinoids’ – useful phytochemicals that occur in this holistic herb.

It has been suggested that CBD can benefit and assist with a range of illnesses and diseases since chemists discovered it way back in 1940, and began studying it intently in 1963 – WADA has now delisted CBD from its prohibited list of substances which is now allowing professional athletes such as boxers, the opportunity to explore the benefits of CBD.

What does it have to do with Boxing?

At first glance, an herbal medicine derived from a plant such as cannabis would not seem to line up entirely with the world of boxing. Boxing is a high-impact, high-intensity sport – and not for the faint-hearted.

Along with the attributes listed above, CBD has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which have been reported by athletes globally. Anti-inflammatory properties are what make many painkillers useful and for this reason, as boxers know only too well, any reduction in pain allows them to train and recovery faster. For anyone who has ever seen a boxing match, there is no doubt as to the usefulness of a painkiller for active boxers.

CBD is also being used by athletes across the sporting world, as shown in our community, as an aid to speed up their recovery times. Recovery is key to any person who is looking to increase their general well being and fitness, and boxers are certainly experiencing the benefits of CBD in todays world.

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